A moving story

Nutmeg House

I think it was the afternoon I spent in Accident & Emergency that finally sealed our fate.

To be fair, we were due for a move anyway. After a stellar year in which we kicked off three major new branding projects, made new strides in the heady world of global advertising and took on about a dozen new recruits (spread across both offices), the London studio in particular was getting more than a little cramped. When skirmishes over desk and meeting space threatened to descend into all-out warfare – and when yours truly came a cropper in a crowded kitchen – it was certainly time to look for some more space.

Still within shouting distance of our old Shad Thames home, we’re now proudly admiring the view from the fourth floor of Nutmeg House, a converted Victorian warehouse full of light, space and exquisite wooden shutters.

We had originally planned to stay in our Clove Studio office for five years, but in the end outgrew it in just two. We loved sharing a roof with the iconic Design Museum, and we’ll miss being buffeted by glacial Thames winds. But our new office is superior in many ways. It’s got a prime view of the ever-distracting Shard and of Tower Bridge’s spiky golden peaks. It’s spacious enough to swing a tiger and, more importantly, to accommodate all our clients when they visit. And it’s conveniently located opposite our unofficial spare meeting room, the Dean Swift.

The move went off with barely a hitch thanks some blood, sweat and tears from Team Move: Terry, Megan, Jen, Dave and Sharon. Always up for a challenge, they planned and executed the whole thing around an ambitious four-week window. They appeared cool and confident throughout, but tell me there were moments they truly thought it was never going to happen.

“Never offer to source furniture for a creative director: especially one with such fine tastes as ours,” whispered Megan, the colour finally returning to her face as we cut a cake and popped a cork or two to celebrate the move.

We’re all proud of both of the work we’ve done to get here and the team that made the move itself such a success.

The future’s looking good from the fourth floor.

Visit us at:

4th Floor Nutmeg House 60 Gainsford Street London SE1 2NY


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