Prezi time

Friday 22 November 2013 by Megan Kettle


With Christmas fast approaching, it seems only appropriate to make mention of the Prezis we produce for our clients. I’m not talking novelty socks and dodgy Secret Santa gifts. I’m talking the presentation tool that gives PowerPoint a real run for its money.

The main aim of any presentation is to ensure that the audience understands and remembers the ideas being presented. It almost goes without saying that the more visual the information, the more likely a presentation will make an impact.

Enter Prezi. It’s a hybrid of PowerPoint and video – a format that naturally draws viewers in using animation, streamlined copy and interesting graphics. You construct your presentation on an open canvas, which can then be viewed in its entirety or in neat little sections. You can zoom in. You can zoom out. The canvas provides a virtual space that altogether broadens the scope of your presentation.

Nothing is static in Prezi – it’s zooming, flying, climbing, whooshing and zipping around. But it still lets you p-a-u-s-e, whenever and wherever you like. You can go backwards. And forwards. At --- your --- leisure. It works hard so users can see the bigger picture and the context – without missing the all-important details.

An added bonus is that you don’t always need a presenter. You can run Prezi through an iPad and leave a user to navigate through your presentation at his/her own speed – making it a great way to draw people in during events.

We work closely with our clients to scope out how Prezi can work for them – refining their content, developing innovative creative solutions, then bringing it all to life with interesting graphics and impressive animation.

Get in touch if you have any questions about how we can help you create your own Prezi. We’ve got it all wrapped up.


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