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As The Frameworks enters its 25th year in business, it seems only right that we start the year with a bang – and that bang is an exciting announcement about the opening of our third office in Tokyo.

To help us get the most from our new presence in Japan and be able to hit the ground running, we’ve formed a partnership agreement with media agency ADK, whose office we’ll also be sharing for the time being.

The agreement means that we’ll pool our resources – where possible – on new and existing client work, and make the most of each other’s expertise. ADK will benefit from our creative development capabilities and knowledge of Western culture, and in return we’ll tap into their in-depth understanding of the Japanese market and culture as we expand our business there.

Coincidentally, our Detroit team moved into their brand new home at 108 Willits Street, Birmingham, MI on the very same day that we picked up the keys to our Tokyo office. Coupled with our London office’s move into Nutmeg House last March, we’re all set up to continue the fantastic growth we’ve seen in the past couple of years.

The Frameworks has come a long way since it started back in 1989, the year when the Bangles’ Flame burned eternally and we first got to watch Harry meet Sally. In those days The Frameworks was two people, a pine table and a photocopier in a small office in Winchester.

Today – as then – we’re proud to be working with IBM, but we’ve expanded both our client base and our capabilities significantly. We expanded into the US in 2009 and now have more than 60 employees on three continents. And, in the UK at least, we no longer own a photocopier.

What I’m most proud of after all this time is not the work we’ve produced or the way we’ve grown (although I’m certainly proud of both) but the fact that there are particular behaviours and attitudes that immediately mark people out as Frameworkers. It’s not something we ever set out to define but it’s there nonetheless. Frameworkers strike a fine balance between being open and questioning, supportive and critical, focused and patient. It’s these qualities that get to the heart of the respect we have for each other and the trust we earn from our clients. Long may it continue.

If you’d like to read more about our partnership with ADK, click here for the formal press release.


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