Change by design


The forthcoming arrival of DMI delegates at our London studio this week, ahead of the annual Design Management Europe conference, sees us in a reflective mood. The reception will not only mark the start of the DMI event, but also the beginning of our own 25th anniversary celebrations.

The theme of the DMI conference this year is “making change by design” – an appropriate topic as we mark 25 years of doing just that. And in preparation for our guests’ arrival, we’ve transformed our studios in London and Detroit into galleries showcasing some of our most notable creative projects to date.

Our job has always been to help clients drive change through bold ideas and creative thinking, and as we collated this body of material we were reminded just how much of it demonstrates change by design in action. From creating an animated character that inspired the YouTube generation to join the fight against extinction to building a go-to-market vision for one of the world’s biggest brands, we like to help our clients challenge perceptions.

A lot has changed since we started out, and while we look back fondly at the days of Cow Gum and scalpels, our focus remains on the future – and how we can continue to help clients drive change within their businesses and beyond.


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