All together now


The worldwide rollout of Together Information, the new go-to-market brand vision for Toshiba Tec’s printing solutions business, marks the end of a year’s work for us – but the beginning of a new journey for Toshiba.

Over the last 12 months, we’ve worked closely with key stakeholders from across Toshiba Tec and its multiple subsidiaries to help shape and refine the company’s brand identity. It’s been an agency-wide effort, with input from Frameworkers across our studios in London, Detroit and, of course, Tokyo.

A bit of background

In 2012, following Toshiba’s acquisition of IBM’s Retail Store Solutions business, we helped the newly-formed Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions (TGCS) build its own brand identity. Enter Together Commerce, which was launched at one of the world's biggest trade shows in New York at the start of last year.

Having established such a great relationship with TGCS, we jumped at the chance to collaborate with another key Toshiba business.


With multiple operating units across the globe, Toshiba Tec’s printing solutions business was struggling to maintain consistency across its communications. It was our job to help create one unified vision for the brand, providing a strong foundation for all its future marketing activities.

To truly understand the nuts and bolts of the business – and, importantly, its aspirations for the future – we undertook a range of research activities… We surveyed over 1,600 employees across 30 countries and conducted interviews with senior stakeholders from across the global Toshiba Tec network. We talked to key customers to get their take on the business. We profiled competitors, analysed industry trends and audited the company’s marketing collateral. We identified what needed attention, where improvements could be made and how to ensure the new brand identity would align with Toshiba Tec’s overarching business objectives.


On the back of this extensive research, we helped define a brand platform for the printing solutions business – which shaped all of our creative work, moving forward.

We went on to develop an identity that successfully articulates what the business really stands for: Together Information.

This is Toshiba’s vision for how people and organizations create, record, share, manage and display ideas and data. It is based on Toshiba’s belief that the most successful organizations are those that communicate information in the most effective way. Toshiba makes that possible through an integrated portfolio of industry-specific solutions, all of which reflect Toshiba’s commitment to the future of the planet.

To refine this vision, we worked with Toshiba Tec employees across the globe through a series of workshops that took us to California, Germany and Tokyo (as well as Singapore, Australia and China – thanks to the wonders of online video-conferencing). We developed brand guidelines, delivered educational launch presentations and produced a range of communications to help explain to the wider employee population exactly how the new identity will help Toshiba Tec further its business success.

But this is just the beginning. We’ve helped frame their future – now it’s up to Toshiba Tec (with our help) to work, together, to bring the new identity to life over the coming months and years.


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