Babies, dogs and boy bands

Wednesday 24 December 2014 by Marina Munro

The Frameworks at Christmas montage.

With the festive period well and truly upon us (and plenty of parties still to attend), everyone here at The Frameworks is waiting with baited breath for the reaction to our Christmas music video – released today. The whole of December has been peppered with competition across the agency, and what started out as an extra project for a new junior designer to get her teeth stuck into (aka me), quickly turned into a creative monster – with each Frameworker proclaiming: “Damn that video was a good, I have to make mine better”. It’s been a lot like a series of Britain’s (and America’s) Got Talent. Okay, so it’s not quite that calibre, but with babies, dogs and boy bands making an appearance, Mr Cowell and co might need to up their game next year.

The big idea

When my colleague Drew and I were asked to come up with a concept for our annual Christmas project, a number of ideas were bounced around. The result had to be creative, social and involve Frameworkers across London, Detroit and Minneapolis. After much brainstorming, we decided to make a series of shareable video clips of Frameworkers all singing a different line from a popular Christmas song. Each day in December we would release a new clip, culminating in the big reveal today.


Military-grade planning

There are many things that go through your head before filming your clip. Amid the braindump are thoughts like: What's my line again? Should I use props? Who can I get to film my awful singing? Will my dog outshine me? If Cheryl can lip sync, then so can I!

The best clips require strict planning of course – or so some Frameworkers will have you believe. Take Dave, who directed and starred in his very own silent movie. Or Ben, who magically grew a moustache. Or even Naz, Darren and Chris who created their own super group, known as “Three Directions”. As Louis Walsh would say: “You could be the next big boy band!”

It’s safe to say that babies and dogs have been the top choices for props. But my personal favourite has got to be Jamie’s, which was choreographed by the very best in the business: his wife and four children.


What’s surprised me the most throughout this process is how creative (and competitive) everyone has been – particularly considering how reluctant some people were to sing at first.

I’ve also learned that making a music video is far from simple, especially when each line comes from a different person – across two different continents! I can only thank Drew for being the super-organised CCO (Chief Christmas Officer) that he’s been. Hopefully you enjoy watching it as much as we’ve enjoyed making it.

There’s nothing quite like making a complete fool of yourself. But we’re not doing it for the good of our health – all this madness has been in aid of helping to raise money for Save the Children. We’ve set up a JustGiving page – where you can still donate.

There have been so many lessons learned during the last three weeks. But the most important is this: Even if you think you have an average voice, record yourself, listen back to it – and accept the fact that your dream of that duet with Beyoncé is now in tatters.

Enjoy the show.

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