Australia has gone from sunburnt to fire-scorched in a matter of months. The frightening impact of fires so furious they generate their own weather conditions has included the startling loss of animal life (it’s estimated that up to a billion animals have died) and utter devastation to homes and property, livelihoods and any dreams of a future unscathed by climate change.

Six months ago, The Frameworks engaged in an act of vandalism. On our clean white office walls, we broke out the Sharpies and released our inner Banksy. A few hours later, we gazed with satisfaction at the mural in front of us – and then we took a sledgehammer to it.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll know on Thursday the UK will flock to the polls to decide if the country remains in the European Union (EU). It’s a referendum that has divided many thanks to a tawdry campaign that has been a bilateral race to the bottom of taste and truth. And at some point along the way, some dynamic schism-monger in the “Vote Leave” campaign offices took it upon himself to stand on a chair and issue an edict to those gathered below: