Putting down roots

2013 was an exciting year for Champion Home Builders, one of the biggest names in off-site construction. Opportunities were cropping up every day to house new communities around the US – and beyond. A thriving new commercial offering was rapidly establishing itself as a core part of the business. And the time was ripe to re-examine Champion’s brand position.


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So we delved into Champion’s business, researching the company and its values. This required asking a lot of questions through interviews with retail partners, customers and employees. We wanted to know what Champion was all about; what it saw as opportunities – and what challenges it faced.


The investigation revealed a common theme: despite the negative associations some people attach to manufactured housing, there are lots of compelling reasons why people buy these kinds of homes – and Champion shouldn’t apologise for making them better than anyone else.


As part of Champion’s reimagined brand identity, we created a logo that reflected its unwavering commitment to detail and precision, underpinned by a strapline that shows Champion is unequivocally proud of the way it produces its buildings.


Champion had numerous sub-brands across the US. We advised the company to consolidate those subsidiaries to just 10. We then created visual identities for each one, which enabled the companies to retain their individuality while bringing them closer in line with the master brand. We also provided the sub-brands with corporate collateral templates so that Champion’s messaging was consistent – no matter the location.

United under one roof with a new identity, Champion can go from strength to strength, offering great quality houses and commercial buildings – all Manufactured Beautifully.