The Italian job

Former neighbours from our Islington days, The Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art is a small, private museum and has been a client of ours for more than a decade.

Estorick has big industry competition from the likes of Tate but little in the way of financial support – so we lent a hand on a pro-bono basis.


  • Digital
  • Design


We see a lot of similarities between Estorick and The Frameworks, so we put ourselves in the museum’s shoes when creating its communications. What would we want to convey? What would we want to achieve?


Ultimately, we wanted to help Estorick gain traction and visibility in the industry and to create a more unified identity across its website, exhibition materials and collection catalogues.


To appeal to Estorick’s art-loving clientele, our expert design team produced a refreshed, enhanced version of the Estorick visual identity. It was cleaner, more modern and more befitting a serious player on London’s modern art scene.


Roberta Cremoncini, Director of The Estorick Collection, was grateful for our help: “Since we began working together in 2003, The Frameworks has provided a consistently high level of design and customer service. The look of our publicity materials is vitally important in conveying the aesthetic of our individual exhibitions as well as our identity as a museum. The Frameworks understands our needs and responds to them. We are delighted with both the product and the service. It is a pleasure working with them.”

We’re thinking of framing that comment.