On first name terms

After a high-profile management buyout, IFG International had just six months to rebrand its entire business. As a leading provider of trust and corporate services, this was no mean feat.


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The initial research phase involved a deep-dive into the company’s collective mindset. In fact, our thinking took us from Jersey to the Isle of Man to Shannon to Zurich to Cyprus and back again; wherever there was an IFG office, we hopped on a plane and went to find out more about it. We talked to as many people as possible and asked a lot of questions.


What we quickly discovered was a great deal of passion and a lot of frustration – in almost equal measure. The business clearly needed to find a way to unite the disparate, siloed teams and offices behind one, powerful vision. At the same time, it needed to encourage and celebrate a sense of individuality across the workforce.

Ultimately, the business needed to show that its people truly came first. So we decided to make them part of the identity itself – each and every one of them.


We identified that the success of this business depended on the strength of the relationships its employees developed with its clients – and each other. This was our creative catalyst for renaming the company “First Names Group”. And it became the focus for everything that followed, from the redesigned company website to an informative and edgy corporate brochure.


We wanted the world to know about the newly-branded company – and, crucially, we wanted to unveil the First Names Group to its people. Key to this was a brand film. It was the statement piece used to launch the new brand – internally and externally – in seven separate international locations. It debuted at special employee screenings the night before the new brand was rolled out.

The following morning, when each First Name arrived at his or her desk, they were greeted with a brand launch communications pack (as well as a free breakfast).

In just six months, a reinvigorated First Names Group could continue to provide the highest quality service to its clients – with its most valuable assets placed front and centre of the new identity.