Just four seconds

The Wimbledon Fortnight is one of the world’s premier sporting events. Every serve, shot and rally is followed by tennis fans all over the world – and it’s IBM that makes it happen. Integrated solutions spanning cloud, analytics, mobile and social media ensure every detail is faithfully captured and almost instantly communicated to the millions that follow every match.


  • Content
  • Design
  • Video production


The most striking aspect of the way IBM powers the Fortnight is the fact that its solutions can be articulated in just a four-second burst of activity. From recording and processing the stats during a rally in near real time and distributing that data worldwide to capturing audience sentiment across social media, IBM and its technology enables the world to engage with Wimbledon without travelling to SW19.


This four-second burst of activity was central to the new animation we created to communicate the true importance of IBM’s role at the Fortnight.


We set about scripting and storyboarding the animation (to a tight deadline). The end product required something a little bit special. We used a parallax animation effect, giving an extra dimension to a series of elegant, high-quality still photographs sourced by our team to fit the script and the brief. The use of still photography gave us the opportunity we needed to place the technology and its capabilities front and centre, through simple, stylish on-screen copy.


The results were impressive. Our animation generated 35% more views than the ten Wimbledon-related videos released by IBM throughout 2013. It also produced 3,225% more shares. But above all, it helped convey just how integral IBM is to the Wimbledon experience – and has been for the last 25 years.