Tools of the trade

There’s been a shift in marketing – and no more so than in the B2B space. It’s now a two-way relationship between brand and client, with value exchanged on both sides. So when it came to generating leads and nurturing prospects, we helped IBM articulate its value in the best way possible: by proving how it can help businesses.


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  • Analytics + Insight
  • Digital
  • Design
  • Video production


Reputation management and business continuity are two perennial challenges facing companies – and they are both areas of expertise for IBM. In order to help businesses ascertain how adept they are in these areas, we worked with IBM to create two online tools that would score businesses’ competencies.


We set about converting an IBM survey into a simple but clever online tool that provides businesses with an assessment of their reputational risk status; measuring their confidence, and the strength of their supply chain, continuity and security. The IBM Reputational Risk Index gives IBM unique insights into customer needs and, of course, valuable sales leads. And, perhaps most importantly, it positions IBM as an innovator in the area.

We also created the IBM Business Continuity Index, a slick online graphical tool that allows executives to check their organisation’s business continuity “pulse”. The 25 multiple choice questions yield a status score – “exposed”, “aware”, “capable” or “mature” – as well as guidance on improving their risk management strategy.


To develop the Reputational Risk Index, we worked with IBM subject matter experts to adapt a set of incisive questions and scoring criteria. We developed an engaging journey that gives each user a personal profile and compares them against industry leaders and a customised set of recommendations.

Meanwhile, we designed and developed the external interface for the Business Continuity Index and built the back end to make it easy for IBMers to log in and capture business opportunities.

Reputational Risk Index

Business Continuity Index


With the Reputational Risk Index complete, IBM wanted to shout the message from the rooftops: that reputational damage can be a serious consequence of badly-managed IT and that businesses need to understand how prepared they are for these risks.

We created a short animation to deliver this message to busy executives – in the most memorable and engaging way possible. We developed a storyboard; wrote a smart, direct script; crafted a set of quirky but on-brand visuals; and directed an animated film with a voiceover that spoke directly to the target audience.

The Business Continuity Index has paid real dividends for businesses. Not only has it won internal awards at IBM but it has helped reinforce IBM’s position as a thought leader: results to date have already yielded some interesting statistics that we’ve helped IBM repackage in a white paper.

Value provided all round, we’d say.