Urban shift

By 2050, two-thirds of the world’s population is expected to be living in cities.

IBM created the Smarter Cities Challenge to inject some fresh thinking into the way urban areas function, pledging to help 100 cities around the world over a three-year period become “smarter”.


  • Content
  • Brand strategy
  • Design


Teams of IBM experts spend time in each city and make detailed recommendations on issues such as transport, policing and energy use. Each team then presents a report framing its observations and recommendations to the city’s mayor. The integrity of their work depends on the quality of this report.


The Smarter Cities Challenge is IBM’s most high-profile philanthropic project. And the reports are at the heart of the scheme. So we ensure that the extensive content is packaged in an engaging and easily digestible way. Ultimately, we want cities to be moved to carry out the changes necessary to make them smarter.


We work closely with the challenge teams to edit, proofread and design the reports. Our role is to maintain a consistent tone of voice and clear structure while allowing the individual thoughts and personality of the authors to shine through.


The detailed reports are then handed to the city’s government, which can set about helping to make the area more efficient and in many cases more progressive based on the extensive and sensible recommendations detailed within.

As a virtual member of each global team, we enable the IBM experts to concentrate more on the ideas and less on the paperwork. We know this is an incredibly important project for IBM, and we’re proud to be a part of it.