Power to the people

The Frameworks with Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

Having worked with Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions (TGCS) to develop and launch its new go-to-market proposition, we were perfectly placed to help the leadership team identify what cultural barriers needed to be overcome, what would really drive commitment at TGCS, and what would give people that extra “fuel in the tank” to ensure continued business success.


  • Brand strategy
  • Internal brand engagement


In collaboration with senior executives and the HR team, we began by conducting an in-depth, organisation-wide cultural analysis. We interviewed key stakeholders from across the business, designed and facilitated a workshop with senior managers at TGCS headquarters in North Carolina, USA, and spent time on-site with employees to absorb the working atmosphere first hand. We collected data and ideas from HR on the policies and practices that shaped the employee experience. And we focused on two main objectives throughout: define the TGCS culture now and in the future; and create a plan for transitioning to that desired future state.


Ultimately, we wanted to help TGCS create a truly inspiring place to work – a place where employees are immersed in great thinking and dialogue with their leadership team, a place where people are proud to be part of a unified business under the Together Commerce brand, a place where employees collaborate, a place where people have the freedom and energy to bring the best of themselves to work every single day. And a place where people have the tools and opportunities to develop, learn and innovate in partnership with their customers.


Enter Together People – the company’s promise to its employees to create an environment where they can believe, work and prosper together, and make the Together Commerce vision a reality.

Focusing on five strategic initiatives across engagement and capability, we helped create a roadmap for the people strategy. We crafted and refined a strategic framework that clarified the vision, values and mission of TGCS – and what employees needed, and must continue, to do to keep delivering on the brand promise. Clearly articulating this framework to everyone across the business, and how it guides motivations, behaviours and actions, was a crucial first step. So we designed the Together People Talk programme (the first of the five strategic initiatives) to do just that. Specifically, we delivered a “train the trainer” session to a selected group of change agents from across the business, and helped roll out company-wide, dialogue-based workshops to over 2,000 employees.


The first session told the TGCS story and explained the relationship between Together Commerce and Together People. It gave everyone a chance to talk about what the business needed to do more – and less – of to bring this new culture to life. Together People is about engagement – not just communication. That’s why we’re continuing to use Together People Talk as a key forum to gather ideas and identify champions of the organisation’s transitioning culture. We’re helping TGCS – and its people – evolve this culture together.