Setting the standard

Polaris, a trusted industry body that develops etrading Standards for the UK general insurance industry, approached us in 2014 with a new website in mind. However, we quickly realised that it wasn’t just their online presence that needed a refresh – they also needed to refine their brand identity.


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In order to help Polaris shape a digital strategy, we needed to first understand how their website was being used. So we embarked on a journey of discovery that involved interviewing key internal and external stakeholders, launching an online survey and conducting a full content audit of the site.


The website audit involved tracking user journeys and identifying the content that was driving site traffic. After establishing the website wasn’t very user-centric, we rationalised and categorised the content to facilitate improved navigation. We then mapped out the new site’s information architecture to optimise engagement, usability and visual appeal. But beneath the surface lay a fundamental lack of understanding around the brand itself. Why does Polaris exist? What is its mission? What are its objectives? We set about answering these questions by creating a brand platform that clearly articulated what the business was all about.



The insurance market looks to Polaris for guidance and support – so we developed a refreshed brand identity that inspires trust and confidence while providing a strong sense of clarity. By incorporating a star symbol in the new logo, we aimed to convey a sense of direction, leadership and collaboration. The star also acts as a nod to the fact Polaris, by definition, means “The North Star”. We married this new logo with the strapline “Setting the standard”, which has a double meaning – on the one hand it reinforces the company’s reputation for leadership and reliability; on the other, it positions Polaris as the provider and guardian of e-trading Standards.



We launched the new Polaris website in January 2015. Having recognised an appetite for stronger thought leadership, we created a dedicated section on the homepage and are pleased to say this is successfully driving traffic to the site. We also continue to monitor web activity and analyse the site’s performance to inform any necessary adjustments.

In addition, we’re helping Polaris roll out their refreshed identity across a range of marketing collateral. The company also recently opened a stylish new central London office that brings the new branding to life through innovative furniture designs and interior concepts that incorporate the Polaris star.