Who we are

We’re The Frameworks Spark. We think. We play. We spark. We create pioneering digital products and services that truly stand out. Today, all businesses are digital businesses. Only by taking advantage of the latest tech trends and capabilities can the best ones stand out. We can help with that.

What we do

The digital game has changed. And the tools and rules we use to play the game evolve every day. We work with partners to discover the best way to use the latest technology to tell stories, creative exceptional experiences and drive business success. That can take us anywhere – and that’s the fun part.

Why we do it

Because we love this stuff. We have an entrepreneurial spark that drives us to think outside the box. To challenge the limitations of communication and technology. Mobile. Social. 3D printing. Wearables. Augmented reality. We’re excited about the possibilities these technologies create – and we want to discover even more innovative ways to use them.

Current projects

A natural action

Point2Connect by The Frameworks Spark

When a child sees something they find interesting they point at it. It’s their natural reaction. They want you to see what’s caught their eye. They want to find out more.

Point2Connect is our proprietary backend technology that uses GPS to enable instant access to information. Just by pointing your smartphone.

We’re brimming with ideas about how we can use Point2Connect. Right now, we’re showcasing it through a simple image-sharing social app – Chuck Merry. You can share images with anyone, anywhere in the world. Just aim your phone at them – and chuck. You can see how far your images have travelled and discover what’s happened to the pictures you receive.

Chuck Merry is just one example of how Point2Connect makes it even easier to access content – and information. We’re already hard at work on realising its other possibilities.