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All together now: how brands are lifting spirits in response to Covid-19

Louise Sheeran

But, among the sadness and terrifying headlines, there have been heart-warming moments, too. The human moments of kinship and kindness that bring a smile to your face and reinvigorate your faith in humanity. And many brands have been doing their part to raise spirits as we chart this unknown course. Here’s a look at some brilliant moments in branded content that have been created in response to Covid-19.

We cheer for them by Wimbledon
Since its inception in 1877, Wimbledon has only paused play for two world wars – until this year. To mark this momentous third cancellation, the All England Lawn Tennis Club has shared a short-form video that conjures the passion and pride that typifies tournaments gone by to encourage tennis fans to “come together by staying apart”. Narrated by Roger Federer, the piece works as both a reminder of the importance of staying at home and honours the new “champions” – the frontline workers – who will be crowned during the fight against Covid-19.

A free pair for healthcare by Crocs
The unmistakable Crocs clog has been a popular choice for doctors and nurses for years – presumably thanks to its comfort and cleanability. With the healthcare profession at the coalface of the fight against Covid-19, the brand has created an offer that will give these workers one less thing to worry about as they suit up for battle. A free pair for healthcare offers doctors, nurses and healthcare workers a free pair of Crocs clogs. It’s in a similar vein to many brands that are using the resources at hand to donate something to the cause, whether it’s a fashion brand pivoting to manufacture face masks or an alcohol brand churning out hand sanitiser. Everyone is uniting and doing their bit.

Social distancing tips by WWF
Leaving two metres between each other is quite an adjustment, especially considering the daily crush of the tube some of us have endured in the past. But imagine how hard it is for kids who are just getting a handle on visualising measurements. Thankfully, WWF has created a campaign to help, one that also managed to add a bit of warmth to the whole situation. Using a giant panda as a gauge for mastering social distancing is just plain fun.

Play inside. Play for the world. by Nike
The rallying cry to all those “playing from home” marks another slam dunk for Nike when it comes to grand emotive statements. Losing the high production value of campaigns past and focusing on everyday people (and LeBron James) finding ways to stay active indoors puts the audience on the pedestal once held by the athletes themselves. The manifesto disregards the teams and alliances that had previously divided the audience and instead places everyone on the same team – the one that's united around the common cause of staying home to save lives.

There are examples everywhere. This week’s Quiz, the dramatic re-enactment of the infamous Who Wants to be a Millionaire? coughing scandal, for instance, was accompanied by messages from the broadcaster (ITV) encouraging us to “phone a friend” who might be feeling isolated.

Some of these campaigns were shared by fellow Frameworkers in our company’s #goodnews Slack channel. Among those examples of uplifting conte we've seen the instruction manual for London’s new NHS Nightingale hospital (built in nine days!), stories of kids spending all their pocket money on “survival packs” for neighbours in need, hilarious viral videos of people unleashing their creativity during lockdown, footage of #clapforourcarers and, of course, dog videos.

It’s heartening to see the ways the global community is pulling together – whether it’s the large organisations or the single individual. It all makes a difference.