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In the grand scheme of things, two weeks is a very short period of time. It can flash past in what feels like a second, leaving you scratching your head, wondering what you achieved or who you caught up with. But put your mind to it and you really can pack a lot in.

As sad as we were when we learned Wimbledon was not going ahead this year, seeing how the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club (AELTC) has pivoted was truly incredible. Being part of the campaign to celebrate this unorthodox Wimbledon year is something we’re very proud of.

If you’d have asked me where I’d be in May of 2020, I'd have told you that I would be celebrating my first year living in the UK and looking forward to revelling in a (mostly) sunny London summer. But plans change, evidently for the whole world.

With daily commutes now virtually non-existent and our focus turned to activities much, much closer to home, Frameworkers have taken on (or returned to) all sorts of new interests. Here’s a look at the novel pursuits we’re all enjoying outside of WFH hours.

Just a few weeks ago, the thought that upcoming video shoots would have to be cancelled because of something as surreal as social distancing would have felt like – ahem – a sick joke. So much of the everyday reality of work has needed rethinking since then, but when you’re involved in creating content for brands, a lot of that being video, the need for new ways of working has been particularly pronounced.

How things have changed in a matter of weeks. The seismic shift in, well, everything, has left us all grappling with a new reality. There’s no playbook for this new normal but there’s a heavy sense of grief for the things we took for granted.

Day one of a new job can feel daunting at the best of times. But what’s it like to join a consultancy when your new office has effectively just gone into quarantine? Our new Creative Strategist, Maja, reflects on two weeks spent getting up to speed with the “new normal”.

While it’s currently very far from business as usual, we’re thrilled to have added three new Frameworkers to our team while navigating the realities of lockdown.