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Dematic Micro-Fulfillment

Differentiating a technology offer in a highly competitive market

We evolved Dematic’s illustrative-style, animation and tone of voice to craft a deceptively simple configurator that engaged potential customers with an exciting new retail automation solution.

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Dematic, one of the world’s leading intelligent automation providers, needed a bold, differentiated campaign to drive interest and awareness for their new Micro-Fulfillment offering.

A campaign to differentiate and reinforce leader status

In 2020, the pandemic dramatically increased demand for e-commerce and caught many retailers off-guard. Grocers, in particular, experienced greatly increased pressure to offer rapid, same-day delivery and click-and-collect services.

Against this backdrop, Dematic was coming to market with a new micro-fulfillment offering that places automation within an existing retail location or urban fulfillment centre. It was bold and ambitious, a new concept to solve challenges that start-ups entering the market could not.

Dematic needed to quickly create a marketing campaign and experience that would do justice to this innovation while doubling down on its position as a trusted leader in retail automation.

Less is more

We devised a strategy around customers who already understood the general concept but needed to lift the lid on some top-line specifics to better understand how micro-fulfillment could work for their business. In line with Dematic’s well-established reputation as industry-leading automation experts, we crafted a digital experience that would be straightforward, helpful and easy to navigate.

The result was an online configurator designed to provide Dematic’s e-commerce, supply chain and other customers with a deeper grasp of the Dematic Micro-Fulfillment solution; while providing Dematic with customer information to help generate prospective leads and inform sales discussions.

Headlined “Less is more,” the landing page was designed to simply and quickly move the customer through a brief set of questions in a way that eliminated bounce and maximised form-completion.

Design, tone and logic

We evolved Dematic’s visual language with dynamic isometric Lottie animations to accompany the configurator’s questions and results, designing interactions that feel intuitive, precise and fast.

We embraced a tone of voice that offered clarity and authority, reminding existing customers and enlightening new ones to Dematic’s experience in delivering breakthrough solutions for retailers.

And beneath the surface, we formulated the logic for the configurator as well as the accessible, nimble and elegant code that served the page through Dematic’s global website.

The Dematic animations were created using Lottie, which converts animation to code, resulting in lightweight files for faster page performance without compromising visual quality. And rendering them natively allows them to work seamlessly across all devices, which we love.