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Genius Sports

A brand campaign for a new world of sport

The way we experience sport is changing. Today’s fans want to be fully immersed in the game, from the way they watch to the communities they build and the bets they place.

It’s an industry rich with opportunities for the players and businesses within it – and it’s all powered by data.

Genius Sports is better positioned than anyone to capitalise on those opportunities. It uses innovative technology to collect, analyse and monetise real-time sports data. Genius is a leader in its field thanks to its ability to capture and share every intricate detail of sporting events, from the speed of a ball to the angle of a player's arm.

This enables broadcasters, streamers, betting companies, teams and sponsors to create richer, more engaging experiences for the new generation of tech-savvy, experience-hungry sports fans.

Powering fan engagement

Genius was keen to capitalise on its success and build awareness with a strong, differentiated brand campaign that would leave its target audiences in no doubt of what, or who, was powering this new world of sport.

The campaign needed to draw attention to Genius Sports’ innovative tools and clearly position it as the centre of a thriving ecosystem, shaping the future of fan experiences. Challenge accepted.

Our research led us to a clear insight. The way people engage with sport is changing as digital technologies enable us to go bigger and deeper with data. Businesses need to capitalise on this, connecting with fans in new ways and bringing the excitement of live sport into the future. And Genius is the partner to do it with.

The ripple effect

We needed to demonstrate to a diverse set of audiences how Genius can help their content to reach and engage the future sports fan. We landed on a concept whose simplicity matched the scale and confidence of the business: Built on Genius.

This ownable, flexible device forefronts the power of the ecosystem, which is built on data and brought to life by Genius Sports. It’s a rallying cry that allows us to explore the ripple effect of data at every audience touchpoint.

Immersed in sports

The visual design had to demonstrate the variety and impact of Genius technology and data, while giving people the rush they might feel at a sports event. We were keen to bring the story to life through animation and interactivity, but maintain a sense of movement even when static.

We created a distinctive layered, collage style, which allowed us to capture the sheer scale of the data collected and demonstrate the ripple effect within a single graphic. The built-up approach can be easily tailored for the different audiences, showing the impact from a player as well as a brand perspective – and placing the fan at the heart of the action.

Blood, sweat and tears

We brought it all together in a brand film led by a pounding script that captures the blood, sweat and tears involved in being a sports fan while outlining the ingenuity of the technology and the value to the audience.

Working with a trusted video production partner, we shot on a dark set to forefront dramatic lighting and data overlays, and used slow motion to hone in on each significant moment in time. Although abstract, the end result is believable, recreating the feeling and energy of watching sport.

The film – to quote – “went down a storm” with the Genius team. The client was delighted with the graphic approach and called out the way the campaign idea aligned perfectly with its vision: to be everywhere in sports, redefining experiences through technology.

The beating heart of sport

Tom Washington, Marketing Director at Genius Sports says:

“Through our collaboration with The Frameworks, we’re bringing our revolutionary union of data and technology to the broader audience it deserves. With our cutting-edge solutions, we're not just redefining sports experiences; we're shaping the future of fan engagement, professional performance and the business of sport.”

Uniquely positioned as the focal point of an ecosystem undergoing huge transformation, Genius can truly claim to be the beating heart of the modern sports experience. Our brand campaign celebrates that achievement and makes Genius synonymous with a new age of sporting experience and entertainment.