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Creating the next generation of white papers

We tapped into the creativity that drives Siemens’s boundary-pushing technology to develop the blueprint for future campaigns, creating a fresh, interactive experience that brings Siemens software to life for both technical and business minds.

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As a technology leader, Siemens Digital Industry Software prides itself on delivering the future for product development and manufacturing via its software portfolio. But conveying the rich, wide-ranging possibilities of Siemens technology clearly, without alienating a less technically minded business audience, had always been challenging. 

Our initial brief was to shake up Siemens’s white papers, revitalising the format and emphasising Siemens’s knowledge and product offering. We decided the task demanded an experience that was both innovative – reflecting Siemens software – and interactive so that it would excite and engage users coming from both technical and business backgrounds. Leaning into 3D imagery wouldn’t hurt, either.

Levels of understanding

Our research told us that our two audiences would have very different tolerances for technical language and long-form content. So we took care to structure content in a flexible way where our audience could navigate through different layers of detail and complexity on their own terms. And we stuck to narratives that focused on overcoming specific audience pain points rather than leading with niche technical capabilities.

From a starting point of some very technical white papers, we ended up reviewing more than 50 documents, distilling key points into short, punchy web pages across three key campaign areas. From these accessible starting points, our audience would be guided to a download of a technical paper or a more business-focused executive summary.

A dynamic world

Visually, we took inspiration from the Cognisphere, a new concept within the Siemens brand system.

Epitomising human ingenuity and the breadth and dynamism of the Siemens portfolio, the sphere became the foundation of our experience’s structure and visual language. We created unique animations that highlighted relevant, real-world pain points from industries such as consumer packaged goods. This all came together to form an exciting, interactive web-based experience where users get to navigate their own content journey. 

Dynamic, relatable and hyper-relevant, the digital experience puts the audience in the driving seat and lands Siemens’s wide-ranging expertise and technology to C-level decision makers and product engineers alike.