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Strategy Object

Building a brand ready to change how the world trades

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Strategy Object’s SOClass platform is an internationally renowned trade technology platform – but the company behind it flew largely under the radar. We created a new brand strategy and identity to match the drive and enthusiasm of the international developer community the business serves.

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A world-leading company deserves a world-leading brand. 

Strategy Object is an international trade technology partner whose SOClass e-government platform empowers governments to build and maintain complex software applications.

The company works with government engineers to automate and simplify operations by providing the technological foundation they need to foster innovation and deliver critical reforms. By creating a worldwide ecosystem where countries exchange data securely and confidently, Strategy Object is driving regional and global trust.

Our brief was to develop a new brand strategy and identity that would capture Strategy Object’s unique experience and expertise. 

A different kind of trade 

Strategy Object is a complex company in a complex industry with a specific target audience. We conducted in-depth research to unpick this complexity and inform our strategy for bringing the platform and company together into one brand. 

It became clear in our interviews with stakeholders across the business that the innovative core of the company wasn’t being showcased. The spotlight was on the SOClass platform, with Strategy Object as a whole relegated to the shadows.

We focused our approach on highlighting Strategy Object’s position as experts at the heart of a global community of e-government developers. We positioned the company as the people who set the standard – offering the highest level of technology and innovation, with the expertise and assurance that comes from years of experience.

We united the platform and company through a single mission: to relentlessly reimagine the way the world trades. 

Powered by code 

One of our key inspirations for the new brand was the language of the developer community: code. Simple, clear and intentional, code embodies the ethos of Strategy Object. 

We used typography to create a visual link between the company and the SOClass platform: from capitalising the O in the Strategy Object wordmark to using a code-inspired secondary font to draw on the coding aesthetic. And we continued the theme using colours found in coding platforms.

The new Strategy Object logo is built around a circular graphic device designed to demonstrate how much the SO brand encompasses. Not only does this versatile feature represent growth and openness, its continually connected shape embodies the brand’s collaboration and community.

Being playful, bold and dynamic with the identity allowed us to showcase key aspects of the brand character. The result is a brand identity that lives and breathes the company mission.