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Tata Technologies

A future-focused brand refresh

Tata Technologies was set to take on the future with the brand promise: “Engineering a better world”. But it didn’t have an identity to match its ambition. We refreshed the brand to help shake perceptions of Tata Technologies as a traditional automotive engineering firm and position it as a future-focused, human-centric business.

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“Engineering a better world”. The Tata Technologies strapline captures a noble ambition and taps into a need that’s more relevant today than ever. But Tata Technologies' brand experience focused too heavily on “engineering” and not enough on the “better world”. 

Our strategy was to show how Tata Technologies was helping to create a better world through its transformative mechanical and digital engineering solutions.

The best of modern engineering

Tata Technologies was struggling to shift its reputation as a traditional automotive engineering brand. Awareness was low of its digital transformation work helping businesses conceptualise, develop and realise better products and experiences. Tata Technologies needed a better foundation from which to tell its story and position itself as a future-focused, digitally enabled human-centric brand. 

We worked with the executive leadership team at Tata Technologies to develop a stronger visual and verbal identity that would celebrate its role as the strategic engineering partner for businesses that aspire to be better and the workplace of choice for a new generation of engineers who are shaping a better future.

Understanding ‘better’

Through interviews with stakeholders across the business, we uncovered an overarching ambition to redefine what the world understands by “engineering”. And to spread its influence and impact as humanity's best way of addressing its most important challenges and opportunities. 

We built a brand narrative that captures these sentiments, speaking to the new digital realities of engineering. We developed a bold look and feel that distinguishes the brand and celebrates its expertise through the lens of human experience.

The new visual identity combines graphic patterns, colour and photography. The logo consists of three coloured lines representing the three industries at the heart of Tata Technologies: aerospace, automotive and industrial heavy machinery. 

We designed a storytelling platform that celebrates the “better world” through simple, confident statements that set Tata Technologies apart from the competition and build familiarity across all assets. 

A new website demonstrates how Tata Technologies solves customer challenges and delivers meaningful impact. Instead of just presenting lists of services and offerings, we show how the most important solutions align with industry, customer and business challenges. We promote success stories with clear contact signposting throughout the website to increase lead generation. 

The result is a brand identity and online presence that lives and breathes the better world that Tata Technologies is engineering.