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Teledyne e2v

How cancer-fighting technology inspired a dynamic brand identity

When your product drives 90% of the world’s radiotherapy machines, you have a lot of material to work with when it comes to storytelling. But if you’re only known for that product – if at all – it can be hard to tell your story in the first place.

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This was the challenge facing Teledyne e2v, a UK-based company with a global footprint and a proud engineering heritage. Its magnetron technology, originally developed for radar defence systems in the 1940s, is fundamental to the operation and performance of most modern radiotherapy machines.

The business had two core brand challenges. Though it’s hard to improve on 90% market share, Teledyne e2v wanted to expand the services and products beyond just magnetrons. This meant building more recognition for its expertise within the industry. The brand was also facing new competition, particularly in the growing Chinese market, where local manufacturers were marketing cheaper “copycat” magnetrons that didn’t match up to Teledyne’s exacting standards. Teledyne e2v needed to raise awareness, both at a brand level and a customer level.

Encouraged by our research, which revealed a great deal of support for Teledyne e2v within the industry, we developed a new brand platform that positioned Teledyne e2v as a trusted partner for both innovation and delivery. This notion, coupled with the underlying nature of the business’s expertise in harnessing radio frequency power, led us to the idea of Making waves as a strong brand expression.

Making waves gave Teledyne e2v a memorable, ownable expression that also worked as a flexible platform for messaging and campaign development. It also moved the brand away from the technical language without departing from the focus of the business. Plus, through the development of a strategic content plan and a suite of assets, it allowed us to reinforce Teledyne e2v’s 70-year heritage helping clients harness the power of microwaves to effectively fight cancer.

To bring Making waves to life, we developed a visual language inspired by the movement and shape of actual electromagnetic waves. This gave the look and feel a dynamic sensibility with a connection to the core of the brand. We were also keen to nod to Teledyne e2v’s technical grounding and used the technical drawings of the magnetron as inspiration for added visual elements. The colour palette we settled on isolated three of the brand’s existing colours, with the addition of a bold turquoise for another layer of vibrancy.

For Teledyne e2v, the ASTRO (American Society for Radiation Oncology) Annual Meeting is a big event on the calendar. In 2019, when the conference was held in Chicago, we designed a booth that helped to make Teledyne e2v a big part of this dynamic industry get-together. Fast forward to 2020 and, of course, ASTRO had gone digital due to the pandemic. This gave us the opportunity to find other ways to tell the Teledyne e2v story using the Making waves platform. We developed a video that rolled through the company’s history, showcasing the many ground-breaking achievements that have come about thanks to Teledyne e2v’s innovations as well as content to further bolster brand recognition.

We continue to work collaboratively with Teledyne e2v to take the brand further. We are working on branding the magnetrons themselves to make them recognisable and help them reinforce the value of what they and Teledyne e2v do. And, with further campaigns and digital projects in the pipeline, we look forward to helping to raise awareness, knowing full well that Teledyne e2v will continue to make waves.

“The Frameworks has been a trusted partner throughout the entire process of our brand redevelopment. Melding strategic insight, striking design and a sound understanding of the heart of what we do, the approach devised by The Frameworks has resulted in Teledyne e2v stepping out as a more confident, more mature company. We look forward to continuing to work with the team.” Pat Howland, Market Strategy and Development, Teledyne e2v