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This is IBM

Telling the real stories behind one of the world's biggest brands

IBM is one of the world’s most recognised brands. But few people have any kind of understanding of the impact the business has had on their lives. We were asked to find a way to shift perceptions by giving IBMers – the people best positioned to spread the word – new ways to tell the real IBM story.

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From barcodes to ATMs, IBM innovations touch our daily lives in so many ways that the average IBMer can be forgiven for not having the details at their fingertips. But we knew that if we told these stories to IBMers in an engaging, memorable and sharable way, it would be impossible for them to resist passing them on.

So we set out to help them paint the picture of the real IBM. And we did this by giving IBMers the tools to confound expectations by aligning the brand to a series of familiar and recognisable objects, places and people that have been influenced by IBM over the years.

From an amazing library of structured case studies and press releases we set out to look beyond the drier and more technical information to find the the kind of narrative nuggets you’d want to share with friends and family over dinner. And we packaged those stories up in a way that was visually arresting – a far cry from what most B2B brands publish – and succinct enough to be told in just a few words.

We have played out dozens of these stories across a dedicated website, social channels, YouTube, employee-focused posters and other environmental branding, a hard-copy book and even a set of cards for sharing at events. All stories told the same way, and all of them supporting the overall message: "This is the world we're helping to build. This is IBM."

10k+ website visits

3 x number of engaged visitors in the three months following the launch

IoIC Awards 2019
Award of excellence: Best ongoing communication