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Building trust and clarity around a bold new initiative to set trade free

IBM and Maersk had to answer a tough question: how do you persuade an entire industry that it's time to reimagine the way it communicates?

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Every year some $16 trillion in goods cross international borders, 80 percent transported in containers on the high seas. But despite its importance to the global economy, the shipping industry as a whole still depends – to a surprising extent – on paper-based documentation and manual processing. In an effort to "set trade free", IBM and Maersk have developed a solution that digitises the global supply chain: TradeLens.

Underpinned by blockchain technology, TradeLens offers an open and neutral industry platform that delivers a single, secure source of shipping data and streamlines global trade for all parties involved. The potential impact of this initiative is huge.

“The Frameworks team have committed themselves to working side by side with us – the entire TradeLens collaboration team – for the past six months. During that time they have delved deeply into our business issues and never wavered in their execution of both strategic and tactical work. They flow within our agile sprints, complete tasks in a timely manner and always act with professionalism.
Today, I think of their studio as an extension of our team. They’ve measurably improved our execution time while simultaneously elevating the quality of our work.”

Our role was to help build trust in the TradeLens brand by demonstrating its value through a range of content touch points. We worked with IBM and Maersk as a strategic partner, delving deep into the end-to-end supply chain and developing value propositions for each audience segment in order to effectively communicate digestible and relevant messages to them.

Our work to date has included extending the TradeLens brand guidelines to create a powerful content platform for thought leadership, taking over the editorial direction and design of the TradeLens blog, creating an entirely new website, and developing a suite of hard-working sales enablement tools, including use cases, presentations, solution briefs, an animated video and an interactive demo.

The result? The TradeLens platform is building momentum, with more port authorities and carriers signing up every day. More than half of the world’s containerised freight has been streamlined by TradeLens.