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Building a brand for boundless impact

We designed a global campaign to launch UST’s new brand and drive awareness of the business. By exploring the impact of a UST partnership on the people and communities around it, we landed on an idea that elevated the brand from the day-to-day business of digital transformation to something more powerful.

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Sometimes, creative inspiration comes not from what you do – but how you do it.

UST approached us fresh from a rebrand and eager to tell its story to the world. We were excited by the challenge to design a global campaign that would launch the new brand and drive awareness of the business.

We immersed ourselves in UST’s people, partnerships and capabilities, and soon realised there was more to the brief than met the eye. The closer we got to understanding the new brand message, Together we build for boundless impact, the harder it was to pin down exactly what made the business special.  

Best-kept secret

As a global consultancy specialising in digital transformation, UST was struggling to distinguish itself in a crowded market. There was a strong sense among customers that UST is a “best-kept secret” – that it is difficult to quantify the impact of a partnership until you truly experience it.

This led us to the insight that would underpin all our creative thinking: UST is a brand that’s felt. “Boundless impact” is more than a guiding principle: it’s a feeling that’s present in every engagement, every interaction, every reaction.

This gave us the perfect platform to humanise the brand – and deliver a fresh perspective on digital transformation.

With the resulting campaign, called simply Boundless, we set out to capture this feeling – this magic that happens at the heart of every UST partnership – and to explore the ongoing impact of its work on the people and communities it touches.

Show, not tell

We launched the campaign using a combination of bold messaging and emotive photography to capture those human emotions in the context of a clear business impact. We underpinned the campaign with discrete content programmes designed to show, not tell, what we mean by “boundless impact”.

Boundless Stories uses interactive storytelling to demonstrate the ongoing ripple effect of UST’s partnerships from a number of perspectives. Meanwhile Boundless Thinkers is a thought leadership series that captures the ideas and opinions of innovators within and around the business.

The result is a living, breathing campaign – one that is exceeding performance benchmarks – that showcases the very best of UST, positions it as a thought leader and uncovers the human at the heart of its brand promise.

+1 million
Boundless campaign video views
+232 %
increase YoY in website traffic
the engagement of typical WIRED paid content