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UST NavigatorAI

Truly personalised marketing. Powered by generative AI.

Using generative AI, we’ve built a next-generation assessment tool that delivers custom results, unlocking the marketer’s holy grail: personalised results, every time.

At The Frameworks, we have years of experience in developing digital assessment tools. We’ve created market-leading tools that deliver results targeted to audiences in the often hard-to-reach low and mid levels of the marketing funnel. 

These traditional assessment tools demand a lot of data to create something that feels relevant. But they are ultimately flawed. The problem? The output is deterministic and limited to that data set. There’s always the risk that the results simply don’t resonate with the user. At best, it’s fake personalisation.

When ground-breaking generative AI updates were released, we knew it had the potential to create something far more powerful. We approached our client UST, a global consultancy specialising in digital transformation, to collaborate on an AI-powered assessment tool with limitless potential.

Personalised experiences, not scripted results

From the beginning, UST had a clear focus for the tool. The business boasts a wealth of AI use cases and content. But its resources lacked direction. UST wanted to deliver a personalised experience for its prospects to show how its AI solutions could meet their unique needs. 

Using generative AI, we built a working prototype in two weeks. After that we designed the surrounding experience, tested the tool and optimised its rules. It was up and running in just six weeks. And that’s how UST NavigatorAI was born.

Have you ever played Monopoly? The rules don’t change, but you never play the same game twice. The classic board game has a lot in common with UST NavigatorAl. With the help of some AI magic, each user has a different experience every time. 

A tailored experience, built on intelligence

To create this bespoke experience, we still needed to plug in some data. 

We set up rules for the AI model to source and integrate publicly available data – both firmographic and demographic – into the process. This kicks off the personalised journey, enabling the tool to pinpoint each user’s unique challenges. 

The tool then asks prospects to select one of these challenges to explore further, before posing a few multiple choice questions to establish their pain points. Finally, to bring the tool’s AI recommendations in line with UST’s offerings, we plugged some UST content – an AI playbook for CIOs – into the model. 

The final piece of the puzzle was our integration with HubSpot. All the first-party data we collect at the end of the experience automatically syncs with HubSpot. As third-party cookies become increasingly irrelevant, this is critical for continuing the conversation.

Refined by human touch

The tool was enhanced by the creative power of our people. 

The project taught us the art of prompting. We’ve gone from writing the results, to writing the rules. Testing the tool and rewriting prompts to iron out quirks and refine its interactions were critical to UST NavigatorAI’s success. 

The look, feel and language were all created by humans. We wrote friendly explainers about how it works, which are accompanied by playful animations and AI-generated people imagery (shaped by our prompts). This has resulted in a visually unique experience, which we mirrored in a suite of social posts used to promote the tool.

By bringing the latest technology and our people's creative chops together, we have been able to create an experience and promotional campaign that are quite revolutionary in today's market. It’s still a marketing tool. But this time it’s personal.