Sylvain Cousinard

Partner, France

During his 15 years working in brand strategy, Sylvain has collaborated with many startups, institutions and enterprises. As well as leading our operation in France, he teaches Design Thinking, Brand Culture and Brand Experience Design at ISCOM Paris. A brand and design strategist, his experience – including a stint at 4UATRE, a major French brand design agency – includes managing global rebranding projects, long-term brand development projects and innovation facilitation with a number of major clients, including Dassault Systèmes, Kellogg’s and IPERIA l’Institut.

When he’s not travelling the world or empowering our clients with user-centric thinking, Sylvain focuses his energies on a different kind of power. A keen motorbike enthusiast, he balances his fondness for Italian models (of the two-wheeled variety) with the hands-on practicalities of keeping his 1980s Honda Africa Twin on the road. What he really dreams of, though, is an electric rally bike that he can take off the beaten track without noise or pollution.

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