Think Frame Make Work is more than just “a process”.

It’s our philosophy. It’s how we solve problems. And it’s the way we approach every project that comes our way – from large-scale company rebrands to short-term communications campaigns. Ultimately, we work with our clients and apply this methodology to help shape a little bit of the future – theirs and ours. It’s a team effort and it’s all about creative collaboration.


About what you want to achieve. About what’s standing in your way. About how to get there. About the questions you really need to ask. About the challenges. About the opportunities. About the issues. About the answers. About the potential.

Thinking about a problem in the right way is essential to finding – or creating – a solution. And that’s why we make such a big deal about it. Whatever the brief, we really do our homework – and in the case of a full-scale branding project, we document all of this research in a detailed situation analysis report.

Listen / Learn / Ask / Absorb / Discover


Your objectives. Your business. Your future. Your brand.

Articulating your vision for a piece of work is also fundamental to its overall success. And when that piece of work is “your brand”, you need a pretty robust framework in place to ensure that everyone knows exactly what they’re trying to achieve. The FRAME phase, in this context, involves drafting, reviewing and refining a brand platform, which defines the six core elements of a brand: its positioning, purpose, mission, composition, character and culture. The brand platform should then inform and influence everything that follows – from creative marketing communications to strategic business decisions.

Of course, it’s important to frame and define the foundations of any piece of work – not just big, shiny brand jobs. From one-off emails and brochures to larger-scale communications campaigns and sales collateral, defining your objectives and your preferred approach is key to achieving the right result – no matter what the final deliverable.

Analyse / Strategise / Condense / Clarify / Refine


An impact. With words. With pictures. With sounds. With smells. With colour. With texture. With anything.

The MAKE phase is all about creativity. Having framed your challenge, it’s about developing a unique concept – a big idea – that embodies the fundamental message that you want to communicate to the outside world. More often than not, it needs to help you stand out in a crowded, competitive marketplace. It needs to spark opinion. It needs to make your target audience sit up and take notice. It needs to pack a punch.

Explore / Play / Imagine / Visualise / Verbalise / Innovate / Dream


Hard. To bring your brand to life. To get people involved. To keep them engaged. To empower them. To help your workforce be the best brand ambassadors they can be.

This phase is all about the nuts and bolts. After we’ve done the thinking, laid the foundations and come up with a core creative concept, it’s time to start executing some serious deliverables…

Websites, brochures, billboards, signage. Online. Offline. Experiential. We can produce films and craft presentations. We can design. We can write. We can deliver whatever you need to bring your brand to life. We can even run bespoke workshops to make sure that everybody gets it. After all, people are your greatest brand assets, so it’s crucial that your colleagues, your employees, your partners – all of your stakeholders – know how to deliver, nurture and develop your brand experience. And we can give you the tools for that – from comprehensive visual identity and tone of voice guidelines to bespoke communication strategies and template marketing collateral.

Engage / Enable / Communicate / Inspire / Execute / Deliver