In an over-saturated ad market, where every brand and its dog scrambles for a voice and some worthwhile engagement, it amazes me that more marketers don’t revert to an old-school, low-cost medium like the humble T-shirt to amplify deep-rooted brand devotion.

I went to an event last month that opened my eyes to the future of finance. It was at the London headquarters of a startup called Monzo (formerly Mondo). You might have heard of it – it crashed crowdcube’s website within seconds of its crowdfunding campaign going live three weeks ago after enthusiastic backers pledged £1 million in a minute and a half in exchange for equity in the startup.

Tie-ups between brands are like marriages. You’re committed to each other, often you‘re viewed as one entity – and sometimes you have to put in extra effort to make it work.

The rain came a day too late to save England’s blushes at The Kia Oval. We got to celebrate anyway yesterday, as Alastair Cook lifted the little urn after a successful – if gloriously unpredictable – Ashes campaign. As his players rightly enjoyed their moment in the sun, spraying Veuve Cliquot and swigging Cobra and Peroni from the neck, I was reminded of some slightly different scenes a couple of weeks earlier at Trent Bridge.