Matilda Duffecy

Australia has gone from sunburnt to fire-scorched in a matter of months. The frightening impact of fires so furious they generate their own weather conditions has included the startling loss of animal life (it’s estimated that up to a billion animals have died) and utter devastation to homes and property, livelihoods and any dreams of a future unscathed by climate change.

Matilda Duffecy

We love visitors at The Frameworks, and we’re always pleased to welcome people to our London studio (not only so we can show off our amazing view). Recently, we had a visitor who made an impact on all of us. A graduate who has worked hard to get through university and was keen to glean some advice on the reality of breaking into – and sustaining – a career.

The Frameworks

Today, we’re celebrating some of the inspirational women in our lives. Women who have inspired us creatively and professionally. At home and at work. Women who have played a part in shaping who we are – and continue to influence how we look at the world. Today is International Women’s Day.

Chris Beavis

Six months ago, The Frameworks engaged in an act of vandalism. On our clean white office walls, we broke out the Sharpies and released our inner Banksy. A few hours later, we gazed with satisfaction at the mural in front of us – and then we took a sledgehammer to it.

Philippa Davies

It has taken me nearly two years to find the courage to write this. So please bear with me. Since I wrote my last blog post, I've given birth to a beautiful baby girl (without even popping a paracetamol), taken 12 months' maternity leave to care for her full time, returned to my role as Creative Content Director (on a part-time basis) and watched more episodes of Peppa Pig than I can count. I'm a "working mum", like so many others, juggling and stressing and laughing and crying. Doing my best to be my best – at the office, at home, at the pub, at the play centre. When I'm wiping away tears. When I'm pitching to clients.

Clive Stevens

I grew up in Margate on the UK’s North Kent coast. As a child in the 1960s, the seaside was a magical place – it still is – particularly in the summer season when the town buzzed with activity. The Winter Gardens was fully booked with television stars coming down for the summer show and Dreamland was in full swing with its rollercoaster, thrill rides and brash “kiss me quick” sense of fun. My first paid work, before training to be a Chartered Accountant, was working on the deckchairs on Margate Sands – the best summer job ever for a 17-year-old boy.

Melissa Ivey

Welcome to the great state of Texas – or East Texas, which is where I’ve lived for almost eight years. If you consider each US state as an individual brand, Texas is one of the most iconic. From cultural symbols like cattle and cowboys to historical figures and events like Davy Crockett and the Battle of the Alamo, Texas is instantly recognizable by Americans and people across the globe. And when you look a little deeper, it’s fascinating to see how brand Texas is growing and the role Texans play in shaping and building it.

Rose Stewart

Last week we held our second Macmillan Coffee Morning, where we all got together and enjoyed some baked goods created by Frameworkers. It got me thinking. At The Frameworks, the work we do is a little bit like baking a cake. Bear with me. There’s the science – or, for us, our “Think Frame Make Work” philosophy. There’s the creativity of the finished cake – or, for us, an identity, a logo, a website, a change programme, a book. The list goes on

Philippa Davies

So yesterday it really hit me. In six weeks my life will change beyond recognition. Actually, make that one and a bit. In six weeks (or thereabouts), I'll be attempting to push something the size of a watermelon through a hole the size of an orange...