With daily commutes now virtually non-existent and our focus turned to activities much, much closer to home, Frameworkers have taken on (or returned to) all sorts of new interests. Here’s a look at the novel pursuits we’re all enjoying outside of WFH hours.

Day one of a new job can feel daunting at the best of times. But what’s it like to join a consultancy when your new office has effectively just gone into quarantine? Our new Creative Strategist, Maja, reflects on two weeks spent getting up to speed with the “new normal”.

Here at The Frameworks, much of our work involves advising brands on the types of messages they share with the world and the way they engage with audiences. It’s safe to say that branding and advertising are pretty good measures of the cultural status quo, and can also be incredibly influential social forces. So, when a new client brief lands on our desks, representation is always front of mind.

More advice from Frameworkers as they reflect on the things they wish they’d known before starting out in their careers.

We love visitors at The Frameworks, and we’re always pleased to welcome people to our London studio (not only so we can show off our amazing view). Recently, we had a visitor who made an impact on all of us. A graduate who has worked hard to get through university and was keen to glean some advice on the reality of breaking into – and sustaining – a career.

Today, we’re celebrating some of the inspirational women in our lives. Women who have inspired us creatively and professionally. At home and at work. Women who have played a part in shaping who we are – and continue to influence how we look at the world. Today is International Women’s Day.

Those who know me will be aware that as well as being Non-Executive Chairman at The Frameworks and Executive Chairman at Kreston Reeves, I am also the Chair of Trustees at Turner Contemporary, the gallery that is at the forefront of art-led regeneration in Margate.

If I asked you to describe your personal narrative, what would you say? What characteristics would you use to describe yourself? Would you draw from your own experiences or try to project other people’s perception of you?