It’s September and the new academic year is upon us. Children are going back to school, teenagers are starting their A-levels and more than a few 18-year-olds are frantically filling out student loan forms, eagerly anticipating the freedom of university.

Nothing worthwhile has ever been achieved in isolation. Communication and collaboration are behind mankind’s greatest endeavours, from mapping the human genome to landing on the moon. So, it’s surprising to me that communication remains a real challenge even among some of the world’s biggest businesses.

So this is it. The week Kanye West finally went into meltdown. Debate rages as to whether his rant about Donald Trump, rage against long-time friends Jay-Z and Beyoncé and cancelled show this week are just publicity stunts, but reports of his hospitalisation have understandably sparked concern.

Every summer, I spend a week fishing on Cranberry Lake in Danbury, Wisconsin. Friends, sun, beer. We don’t take the fishing very seriously, until we do. I’ve been lucky enough to win the coveted “Fish of the Week” trophy exactly once.

I may just be ready for spring, but while I watch the snow fall outside and type away in The Frameworks Minneapolis office, my mind continually takes me back to the garden. Growing up in North Dakota, I learned to cope during long, dark winters by finding solace in my work.

I grew up in Margate on the UK’s North Kent coast. As a child in the 1960s, the seaside was a magical place – it still is – particularly in the summer season when the town buzzed with activity. The Winter Gardens was fully booked with television stars coming down for the summer show and Dreamland was in full swing with its rollercoaster, thrill rides and brash “kiss me quick” sense of fun. My first paid work, before training to be a Chartered Accountant, was working on the deckchairs on Margate Sands – the best summer job ever for a 17-year-old boy.

Welcome to the great state of Texas – or East Texas, which is where I’ve lived for almost eight years. If you consider each US state as an individual brand, Texas is one of the most iconic. From cultural symbols like cattle and cowboys to historical figures and events like Davy Crockett and the Battle of the Alamo, Texas is instantly recognizable by Americans and people across the globe. And when you look a little deeper, it’s fascinating to see how brand Texas is growing and the role Texans play in shaping and building it.