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Tonight we hosted an event: The Art of Storytelling. With talks from the very talented and lovely @turnercontemporary @drword @wearestylus @terrybrissenden & Clive Stevens. Thank you to our insightful speakers but also to everyone who came! Our little office has never been so full!

Six months ago, The Frameworks engaged in an act of vandalism. On our clean white office walls, we broke out the Sharpies and released our inner Banksy. A few hours later, we gazed with satisfaction at the mural in front of us – and then we took a sledgehammer to it.

There can be few more encouraging votes of confidence than an industry award. And when it comes to awards there are few better than a Cannes Lion.

Our planet is precious and many people are fighting to protect it. But sometimes I can fall into the trap of thinking “what impact can little old me really make?”.

Everyone has experienced microinteractions. Whether it’s when you’re asked to accept a cookie policy or when an online shop notifies that you've added something to your basket, microinteractions are everywhere.

If I asked you to describe your personal narrative, what would you say? What characteristics would you use to describe yourself? Would you draw from your own experiences or try to project other people’s perception of you?

I hate to break it to you. It’s never about the magic of Christmas. It’s about the magic of marketing – or branding, to be precise (but I’m a sucker for a dollop of alliteration like I’m a sucker for a dollop of cream on my mince pies).