The latest thinking from our insatiably curious Frameworkers.

The sheer pace of change can make it difficult for businesses to predict and respond to challenges and turn them into opportunities. So, how can businesses develop resilience? Clive Stevens, Chairman of The Frameworks, offers his insights.

Audience interaction is vital for brands looking to improve engagement. Good design elevates storytelling by turning an idea into something people can relate to.

We work hard at our client relationships because it leads to excellent project outcomes, award-winning strategy and creativity, and long-term business success.

Changes in human behaviour are at least as important to the success of digital transformation as the change in technology. And you can’t expect anyone to change – or become champions for change – without effective and empathetic communication.

Tips for internal comms to consider in order to build a flexible working environment based on trust.

Unlikely associations between seemingly disparate brands can be a stroke of reactive marketing genius.

As marketers, we have a unique privilege. We can choose to act as a force for good, or we can squander that privilege. We see this play out in the stories we choose to tell on behalf of influential brands – and who we choose to tell them to.

In the grand scheme of things, two weeks is a very short period of time. It can flash past in what feels like a second, leaving you scratching your head, wondering what you achieved or who you caught up with. But put your mind to it and you really can pack a lot in.